If my life was a sci-fi book

So as I’ve mentioned before I really like imagining I’m someone else someone powerful, and courageous. So this post is going to be about, if my life was a Sci-Fi book.

So in books like; Divergent, Pulse, and Dueled the main character is this weak girl who turns into a mentally disturbed teen, who then becomes a warrior, a leader, and possibly dies at the end in a very heroic way. So I like to imagine that I’m one of those characters in those Science Fiction novels. I like to imagine that I could be a brave leader, but in reality I these are the characters I would be.

Caleb from Divergent; the evil little traitor.

Wade from pulse; the evil little traitor (Actually I can see me as Faith the main character)

I don’t remember the characters from dueled I haven’t read it in like a year.

But notice that I would be like the “evil little traitor” who runs at the first sign of danger.

One day I want to run a colony like in the Host. With the indoor garden, and the hot spring, and the dangerous runs for food, that would be awesome. It probably wont happen, but guys I have plans. I might share those with you some day.

Anyway if my life was a Sci-FI here’s what it would be about.

Plot: A girl named Abby discovers she could be the most powerful person in the world. When she has to choose to fight and save the planet at risk of getting shot to death or helping to destroy the planet and find protection until the world blows up, she picks complete and total destruction and gets shot anyway, the end.

Okay, they may have been a little much. I’m not that cowardly. So maybe I could be Tris or Faith. I guess I wouldn’t know. Guys the thing is that being a “warrior” isn’t about having enormous power or knowing how to throw a punch and shoot a gun (as cool as that sounds). It’s about facing something difficult or loosing something important but instead of giving up you choose to stand up and fight to live another day.

I’m not a warrior because I haven’t lost anything. I have nothing to fight for. I’ve never lost a parent, I’ve never been extremely ill, I’ve never had a friend die on me. So maybe I should be grateful that I’m not a warrior, but I’m not. I look at the people who have literally lost everything and I wish I was them, because they’re so strong and so brave, and yeah they have battle scars but they wear them so well.

Guys if you’re battling with something, or have in the past. Know that you amaze me. I have no clue what you’re going through, I can’t even imagine but you are so strong. I don’t know if you believe this, but I believe that God is standing by you, you may not understand it, but he is.

Know that it’s not the crying that makes you weak, it’s crying for a little while and then getting back up that makes you strong.

Thanks for reading my extreme sappiness




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