If I don’t like it I don’t learn it.

I have been staring at the same page of the same history book for an hour. Why? because it’s boring.I like learning about the Salem witch trials, the underground railroads, and the lost colony of Roanoke. Not about how our founding fathers came to be. So basically if I don’t like what I’m learning I wont understand it, because it’s boring.

I’ve always had this problem. I’m just staring at my history and oh my gosh it makes no sense. Also how come I keep learning the same stuff over and over again? I mean really I know how to add and what density is I’ve known since the second grade and have read every single book on those subjects. I may not know the scientific phrase they use to describe density but I get the general idea.

So do you get bored if you don’t like what you’re learning? You are not alone.


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