Things dog owners get.

When your dog shoves it butt in your face and you can’t help but scratch it.

When your dog stares at you while you eat your favorite food and you have to give them some. It’s not a choice you have to do it.

When your typing and suddenly you find fjkfkjfsedsfdjids typed on your screen.

It’s -4 degrees and your dog has to pee.

The wake up kisses.

You put up with a dog licking your face.

When you say sit and your dog lies down but you give them a treat and say good girl because they’re too stinkin’ cute. (#baddogtraining)

You have to pee but your dog is either next to you or on top of you, and they’re sooo warm.

The dog steals your seat so you sit on the floor.

My dog does all of these things. Please add to the list in the comments. What’s the cutest thing your dog does?

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Things dog owners get.

  1. It’s funny, because I own a greyhound and they do things very differently than your average dog (i.e. my dog doesn’t lick or get on furniture). Of course, my dog is also very unique within the breed. It’s adorable when he hugs his teddy bear in his sleep.

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  2. I’ve got a kelpie who does the same! Another one she does is hops in bed and digs at our blanket because she wants to go under!! Never thought I would have a dog sleep with us haha not even our kids ever sleep with us! Good blog enjoyed it

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