The future

Okay I’m in highschool and have been planning for my future for about, my entire life. I know what I want, how I’m gonna get it, and when I think it should be. For some of you that probably seems really weird, for me I think it’s good to plan ahead. You just have to be willing to change your plans in case it doesn’t work out as planned.

At first I wanted to be a vet, I mean what kid didn’t, then I wanted to be a singer, then I wanted to go into pet rescue and run a no kill shelter, then I wanted to train police dogs, then I wanted to be an interior designer, now I want to be a special ed teacher. So as you can see plans change.

Now I know it weird but I’m in highschool. I’m starting to think that planning for the future is really good. I know some people that haven’t decided on what they want, and that’s fine, but I think planning for the future but also enjoying your time right now is important.

Here are my plans for my future. I want to graduate highschool, go to college for special ed, get a job as a special ed teacher, teach a special ed dance class, live in a cute ranch house, build a paddock and a couple of box stalls, buy a couple horses, own a Great Dane, own another dog, publish a few books, and possibly be a foster parent for a couple of special needs kids.

So yeah, this is probably gonna change a little, I may get married and have some kids, I may hate special ed and want to do something else, I may not finish highschool, but I have a plan and I’m willing to change it.

So here’s my questions. What’s your plan for the future? and how are you getting there?


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