Singing to my phone

I’m gonna do this thing where I sing to my phone and it tends to change the words to something ridiculous.

Hahahaha that’s why I’m calling you Utah you should know you beautiful – saying you are and you don’t have to change changes ask I see if you to the stars with you
That was me singing scars to your beautiful

Wake Island Heather. Music download Hey Hey Girl hey you will go
That was the river by Jordan Feliz (I think that’s his name)

Interesting right hello cousin Asus w also hope together
Priceless for king and country

Goes out to the heaviest everyone is healthy resume you’re finished its not ever had this no nobody had a who is rising never give in never give up it’s not over he had an
It’s bot over yet, for king and country

So that’s what I do when I’m bored…yeah.

Thanks for reading!


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