More about me

I was bored so here are some random facts about me.

I like writing stories

I love dancing

I love horses and volunteer at a horse farm that focuses on therapeutic riding.

My favorite horse is a Halfinger named Mack.

My favorite colors are: Aqua, Dark purple, and black.

I’m learning American Sign Language

After highschool I hope to go to college for Special Ed.

I hate saying the word disabilities

I like Sci-Fi books

I am a Christian and believe Jesus sacrificed his life for me on the cross.

I love toddlers

My best friend is Rosie

I have serious jealousy issues and can be a little paranoid.

I can be really mean to people, but I try not to, it just sorta happens.

My favorite movie is Lord of the rings.

I like Fall Out Boy, For king and country, and pentatonix.

That’s a little bit about me,

Thanks for reading






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