When parents say things

So this post is going to be about when parents say things that really stick in your mind. Now I’m one of those people that really don’t care what others think, because if they judge me without really knowing who I am then they’re stupid. But when a parent says something, I care. I actually do care what my mom and dad think about me. Sometimes a parent will say something without thinking and it can really hurt. You may know they didn’t mean it like that but at the same time you translate it into something else.

In December of 2015 we were at my grandma’s and for some reason I was in a mood where I was taking everything personally. We had been playing a game called deer in the headlights (You should look it up) anyway, at the end of the game I was putting the cards away, I had trouble stacking them well enough to fit in the box, so my mom asks if I want help. Now earlier they had kind of been making fun of me for being slow, so when most people would have heard “can I help,” I heard “Give me the cards, you’re too dumb to figure it out,” My mom has been known for making me feel stupid.

Most of the people in my family make me feel pretty dumb, but that’s a story for another post.

So even if they don’t mean it that way, sometimes you hear it that way and it really sticks. Parents do a lot of things they don’t mean to and we translate them to something negative.

I love my parents, but sometimes I wish they would consider my feelings a little more before saying something.

Thanks for reading!




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