if my life was a Disney Channel show

I’m sure most of you know about Disney’s sitcoms. I’ve always said my life would make a good Disney comedy and here’s why.

Me and my best friend are always getting into trouble, in our friend group we have a sort of lazy friend and a kind of slow friends. We make bad puns and our parents our possibly the weirdest people in the entire galaxy. We over stress about school assignments and we fight over stupid stuff.

I’m surprised Disney hasn’t try to use my life for a comedy (relieved but surprised). I mean our drama is all over who ate the last piece of pizza and why Rosie had to touch my hair, so it’s basically all the same. Every now and then we have a really big fight and wont talk for an entire half hour.

This is why my life should be a Disney comedy.

Now I’m not writing this as a bad review on Disney I just wanted to mention that this is how life really is for me…unfortunately.

Thanks for reading.




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