I can dance!

Okay, I had another doctor visit and I guess I got up at 5am and sat still for 45 minutes to wait two days for them to tell me the MRI showed nothing! So the doctor I saw today said something in my knee just decided to flare up and scare the crap outta everyone I know. So I now have physical therapy and an anti-inflammatory and that’s it.

He didn’t say I couldn’t dance, so as long as I take it easy i guess I’m allowed to dance. God answered my prayers this week and I’m so thankful and relieved. Of course I still have to work to get better and I have a follow up in a few weeks, but I’m definitely gonna work really hard to heal and come back as a better and stronger dancer.

So even though it wasn’t serious I learned just how important dance really was to me and hopefully this will help me to remember to work harder and put more effort into dancing. And live like it’s my last chance to dance.

Thanks for reading guys!



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