The pointlessness (is that a word) of valentines day

So Valentine’s day is Sunday! Yay…not. So for me Valentines day is completely pointless. First off for me it’s a sad day seeing as my grandfather died that day —Click here to view my poem about it– but that’s not the only reason I feel this way. I just seems pointless, now you may have noticed that I enjoy a good rant and tend to complain about everything in general, but let me explain.

Valentines day is a day where flower shops, and chocolate stores get a huge payday boys and men travel the city looking for the perfect bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear that’s stuffed just the right way. This is all to express their love and affection to there girlfriend/wife, as if they don’t do it enough already. I mean it’s great if you have a valentine, good for you, but you shouldn’t just buy her flowers on Valentine’s it’s more special if you don’t! Guys show your love on other days too!

This of course isn’t the only reason I dislike Valentines day, infact i don’t mind that part I just had to put a sappy part in here somewhere. It’s the grade schools. I mean come on people encouraging seven year-olds to go out and find a boyfriend/girlfriend? Really? I get giving candy and little cards that say “you’re sweet” on em’ that’s cute, but the one’s that say “be mine,” and “i luv you”

And also what about the single people of the world? I’m not gonna say it makes them feel bad (I mean it does) I’m saying –If your single–quit walking around feeling sorry for yourself! Have a single valentines day with some friends or something but quit updating your facebook status to “lonely and unloved” I mean guys, I’m sorry you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend maybe next years your year.

But like I said Valentines day isn’t the only day of the year you should show your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend how much you love them. And also (I’m not a feminist or anything) us girls could show our love too. Why not buy him something, or for once go see that action movie he’s been dying to see, they put in so much effort on Valentine’s day, why not show a little love ourselves.


OK that got way out of control…sorry guys. I don’t know why I decided to write this. I don’t hate Valentine’s day.

Thanks for reading my endless rant. Feel free to lie about how bad it was




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