Why I dance

I have to start off by saying I love my dance teacher. My knees been hurting really bad so I’ve gone to classes but I end up sitting and watching. So why do I go? Because I love the smell of the dance studio and I learn better from watching. I know what you’re thinking Ew why would you want to smell sweat. And I say to you, it’s not the smell of sweat it’s the smell of hard work. I dance because I love dance and it’s how I show my appreciation to my creator.

Now people who know me, know I push myself too hard.  My dance studio’s not professional, but I want to be good. God gave me a talent and I intend to use it. Now you may disagree that God gave me talent and that’s OK, but I believe he did. I over work so I dance not just well, but great. I want to feel like I’m flying when I dance, not that I’m face planting into a hardwood floor.

So I dance, I dance on a bad knee. Not because I have to dance all day everyday (that’s part of it) but because I feel closer to God. I dance because I express myself best that way, and I dance because when I dance I’m more confident and happier then I ever would doing anything else.

I may not be the worlds best dancer, heck I don’t even know who that would be, but I ‘m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is having an injury that could prevent me from dancing for even a little bit of time.

Maybe I seem like I’m being dramatic, my guess is if you think this you are not a dancer. I need to write this for me so I can get how I’m feeling out because if I can’t dance to express myself I write.

I love being a dancer and I love the feeling I get on stage. I feel more alive and I feel calm all at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “Why I dance

  1. Thank you for that! I feel everything you said! I love ballet! I’m not only doing just because ballet is everything to me (which it is) but it makes me feel proud to be a Christian! I feel that since God has blessed me with the ability to dance I should give it everything I got!

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