Annoying Types of friends

I’ve been having issues with my friends. I wont name them but I thought I would do a post about annoying types of friends.

The clingy friends- Those friends that follow you wherever you go. They can’t give you a private moment, they even follow you to the bathroom. And if you try to have a private conversation with another friend they won’t go away.

The likes everything you like friend- Some people say that it’s a good thing,I say it’s annoying! That friend who likes what you like because you like it. (I said like a lot in that sentence) Basically if they asked me what my favorite color was and I said green, they’d say “Oh that’s my favorite too!” Yippee we like the same color. Until they’re around someone else and you hear them say “I hate green” So basically you never know what this person true opinion is so really you don’t know anything about them.

The jealous friend (This can be me)-There are two types of jealous friends, the one who jealous that you have something they want and walks around pouting trying to make you feel guilty, and the one who gets jealous when you don’t hang out with you, this is the one I’m talking about in this post. This “friend” gets mad when you can’t hang out because you’re busy and always tries to guilt you in to bringing them along, they also complain when you hang out with another friend without them, they get mad at you when your parents say no to them coming over, and the most annoying part tries to get you to back out of doing something so they can come over.

The paranoid friend (Definitely me)-This friend is always paranoid that someone is going to steal all her friends and she’ll be left by herself. She’s always worried that one day she’ll say something she’ll regret, and all her friends are gonna leave, she’s afraid if she shows them how she feels about something–how she REALLY feels–they’re gonna chuck her out the door and never look back. I wouldn’t always call these friends annoying (more like insecure) but this can lead to Jealousy and being clingy.

The friend that wants what she wants (or the bossy friend)- This friend has to have it their way all the time. If you want to do something else you have to get their approval.

The opinionated friend (almost autocorrected to donated)-It’s great to have your own opinion, I mentioned this earlier, but there’s a different between having in opinion, sharing in opinion, and making sure everyone else agrees with you. It case you didn’t catch on it was the “making sure everyone else agrees with you” part that’s annoying. It’s like they’re telling you you’re not allowed to like Fall Out Boy because they don’t like Fall Out Boy. If you say something they disagree with, they have to start and argument to prove why you don’t like Fall Out Boy!

The liar (I have a bad habit of this)- The friend that makes up stories so you like them, they lie about why they can’t hang out, they brag about something awesome they “did” that they didn’t really do. This kind of fits in with the “like what you like” friend.

This isn’t to bash your friends guys, or mine. Incase you didn’t notice I mentioned the one’s I have a problem with. Remember everyone has bad qualities. I’m not saying that if you have friends like these you should ditch them and find someone better, I’m saying if you have friends like these, maybe you should point it out, in a nice way (Rosie’ll have to do that for me) be gentle. I hope it works out for you.

That sounded a bit like a Ryan Higa speech…anyway…Thanks for reading!



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