The escape hound

This is a pointless story about something that just happened…My dog got cold.

Maizey, my beautiful Lab mix was outside in the snow. I had forgotten her out there because I was blogging and facebooking at the same time. When I had remembered her I went out to bring her inside and warm her up, to my surprise she was already there waiting at the door! My first thought was Holy Crap! I left the gate open! I was sure i latched the gate.

Maizey apologetically walks through the door apologizing for my mistake. I went back out to close the gate, but it was shut and latched. There were, however, paw prints leading from a gap in the fence to my front door. I laughed a little to myself, relieved that she came home and it wasn’t completely my fault.

I apologized and moved on with life. I thought this would make an interesting story and use it to remind you that dogs are not stupid.

Your first thought may be you evil person, how could you neglect your dog. And I say to you that it just slipped my mind while I did something else. I love my dog too much to purposely leave out in the cold too long.

Thanks for reading! -Abby


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