Rant about Mcdonalds

First I have  to start out by saying, Ronald McDonald is creepy as heck! Okay this story begins with a young girl who just wanted a french fry. So I went to McDonald’s this morning after my MRI and normally I wouldn’t eat there but I had a gift card. I ordered a Carmel Mocha, which the cashier typed in Frappe…and then changed it after I told her she got it wrong. Next I asked for some fries to which she said “We don’t serve fries in the morning,” I was like um…okay, but in my mind I was like Dude I just had an MRI and had to lay still for 45 minutes. All I want is a freakin’ french fry. Instead I ordered a hash brown, which despite being cooked “fresh” was cold. Like it just came out of the freezer. So I get my order, well kind of…I get a cold hash brown and a hot chocolate. Then she goes back and finally gets my coffee.

And the moral being…if you want fast food eat at Wendy’s

Of course this is just my opinion. It could just be me…but consider yourself warned.



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