The Sugar high of February 2016

This story begins with a cup and a half of coffee.

Okay, so it was early Saturday morning and I had an event at church, they had free coffee! First i stole Rosie’s coffee (My Bff) then I asked her to make me another one. I get really hyper on caffeine just not until midnight. It’s like this weird werewolf thing or something. I don’t know.

Anyway we decided to have a sleepover that night which involved ice cream, truth or dare, a dog, and Cinderella. I had a lot of ice cream and was fine up until the end of Cinderella (which ended at like one in the morning) then I went crazy. And I don’t mean like giggly crazy (well yeah that too) but like talking to the dog, saying rude comments, and jumping (well face-planting) on the bed crazy. Of course the coffee and the ice cream were both affecting my attitude but so was the lack of sleep (it is now three in the morning). I had a pounding headache, and thought I was gonna throw up. After the “effects” wore of I continued acting “high” to see how long I could pull it off. Apparently about twenty extra minutes.

And the moral of the story is don’t drink coffee, eat ice cream, and stay up til five in the morning all in one day. Okay that’s a terrible moral. Let’s try again. And the moral of the story is don’t steal coffee from others…yeah.



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