Random stuff in my mind

This is random, I have random thoughts floating through my head. So whether you like it or not here are the things that are running through my head

Do unicorns sneeze rainbows?

Will i fall on my face in dance class?

Whether or not Miley Cyrus was abducted by aliens.

Do I type slow? have facebook noises always been so annoying?

The lyrics to Scars to you beautiful. Did mom buy cookies? I want ice cream.

They’re gonna hate this post! Wow my blog is boring? Was I abducted by aliens?

Did you read the entire list? Do I seem crazy to you?

Thanks for reading….can I have one million dollars

Now I will read your minds. You are thinking “What the….”

You also thought as you read…

For happy people: “Well, duh! Where did you think rainbows came from?” “I hope not you have a lovely face,” “Yes she was,” “I don’t know,” “No they’re unique noises,” “Beautiful song,” “I don’t know,” “You can have mine,” “I don’t hate it. It’s not boring. Most likely,” “Yes I did. Yes you do,” “no problem. You can have mine,”

For mean people: “No. I hope so. She was,” “Probably. Yes, just like you,” “That’s stupid. No! Too bad I ate it,” “I do hate it. Yes it is. Yes,” “unfortunately. I stole it,”

For people who generally don’t care:



Sorry for being so randumb guys but I had to do it…the keyboard was calling my name. No you will not get that minute of your life back, and yes unicorns sneeze rainbows….They really do.


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